About Us

It’s all about giving back! Let’s be honest EVERY company should give back to the community and the people who support them. That’s one of the reasons Naturally Fast was founded and it a core value that we live by. With every bottle purchased we give back to fund local and regional trails systems across the country supporting an active outdoor lifestyle. We take pride in helping create safe and beautiful places to enjoy your passion weather it be on the edge of your limits shredding down the  trail or simply taking a hike with the family and dog in tow.

After decades of experience in the in the Sports Nutrition industry it became crystal clear that athletes and weekend warriors alike were faced with the challenge of weeding through products full of ingredients that could not be pronounced and had no clue what they were or why they were inside their products. Thus enters another very important core value of ours: products we are proud of!  With every product launched and every ingredient used the first thing we must be able to say to our selves is  “would I put that in my body?”. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

We are not just a supplement company. We are a brand that prioritizes our customers first striving to motivate and inspire. We celebrate and support your success one mile at a time.